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I started kayaking when I was 16, in de Biesbosch, a tidal wetland in the Netherlands. I didn’t do much kayaking (kids, career) until I started getting serious about kayaking again in 2009.



I speak Dutch, English, German and some French


I have ORCKA guide certification, Paddle Canada Instructor Basic and Level 1, Paddle Canada Levels 1, 2 and 3 and I’m a licensed marine radio operator. I have Wilderness Advanced First Aid certification, and unfortunately, know more about computers than is good for anyone.

How to pronounce my name

My name is Dutch. If you do not speak Dutch, you may find my name difficult to pronounce.

I was named after this guy. The best approximation in English to pronouncing my name is miχil dyvekɔt.

m  [m] as in man
i  [i] as in happy
ch [χ] as in loch or hue
ie [i] as in happy
l  [l] as in land
d  [d] as in den
u  [y] as in cute or french chute or german über
v  [v] as in velvet
e  [ə] as in again
k  [k] as in skin
o  [ɔ] as in soft
t  [t] as in stop

the pronunciation of the ‹ch› sound in dutch is complicated. There are two ways, ‘soft’ and ‘hard’. I use the ‘hard’ pronunciation because I am from the northern part of the Netherlands, but both are correct.

Duvekot means Dovecote.