kayaker on Lake Ontario


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I teach introduction to kayaking This is a course from the Paddle Canada Program.  It is designed for people who are new to kayaking.

Some kayak schools are primarily focused on teaching younger students and have adopted a teaching style that works well for their audience. I have a different preference. I’m over 50, and I don’t pick up a new physical routine as quickly as I did when I was sixteen. I have become slow learner, so I have adopted a teaching style that is suitable for people like myself.

I pay a bit more attention to ‘why’ and dedicate extra time to exercises that build muscle memory. An important aspect of any exercises is that I give you the self-evaluation tools to go through the routine by yourself after you have completed my course. I know young people that have learned to roll in a hour and never had to think about it again. When I learned to roll, it took me weeks of practice to finally really get it. The reason it took me so long was that I did not have the right tools to see what I was doing and why it wasn’t working. I want you to have those tools so you can be successful when practising your new skills by yourself.

My website has an article about each skill that I teach. These articles will help you remember the key points and success criteria of each stroke or manoeuvre, and give your specific instructions for your exercises.