Beausoleil Island Tour

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The four hour trip to Beausoleil is a relaxed trip from Snug Harbour to the island. Beausoleil lies in a transitional zone. It has a mix of hardwood and boreal forests and also lies on the edge of the Canadian Shield. Limestone in the south, granite in the north. This is a unique habitat, with a great variety of wildlife. There are campsites, with some facilities, including sheltered cooking areas. The island has many hiking trails.


Reynolds, Jonathon, and Heather Smith. Kayaking Georgian Bay. Erin, Ontario; Buffalo, N.Y.: Boston Mills Press, 1999. Print. pp. 126-132

long point

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Long Point is a sand spit on the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a Biosphere Reserve, an area where communities combine conservation of biodiversity with sustainable community development. You can read more about that at An older version of the  wikipedia page on Long point has an amusing, if decidedly un-encyclopedic take on just how sustainable that development is.

Significant parts of Long Point are privately owned.

Lake Erie is much shallower than the other great Lakes, and a a result, much warmer. The water temperature can reach 21ºC in September.


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photo of ice-covered shore

tour the toronto islands and the leslie spit

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This is a little winter kayak tour on Lake Ontario. Pretty, but cold. The ice is melting quickly, but we may be able to still see some of it. If the sun is out, and the wind less than 5 knots, we can enjoy some of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see in the city, the ice creates magnificent sculptures that you can only see from the water.